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You could be owed a £2,500 tax refund for your travel expenses. Bases outside the UK are included, and you might also be able to claim for Mess Dress.

This is a complex claim and we’ve heard reports of some claims being rejected when submitted by inexperienced advisors. For that reason we would like to refer you to our expert partners who have obtained confirmation on the validity of claims both from HMRC and the MOD so you can have peace of mind that your refund is yours to keep when you receive it.

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Each tax year will be recalculated if you enter a claim. This often identifies other overpayments due to incorrect tax codes, multiple employments, ceasing of job, etc. In these cases we can identify a much larger tax rebate. We regularly identify rebates of over £1,000 for customers who were originally estimated a lower amount.

If you claim now you will receive tax relief for the current tax year and future years that allowances continue to apply, paid through your monthly pay. The value of this is usually £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year.

You don’t need to make any upfront payment to us in order for us to check if you are due a rebate.

We will ensure that your current year reliefs are correct and that your future year allowances are adjusted in line with the current year to ensure you are no longer being overtaxed. There will be no charge for this service.

The annual saving of £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year for the current and future years will not be subject to charge. You will receive this automatically in your pay once your tax code has been adjusted.

We will also check the earlier years to determine if you can claim back any previously overpaid tax. HMRC will pay any rebate due directly to us and we will forward payment to you, in due course, net of our deductions of 28%, plus VAT, where due, providing the net refund payment is £20 or more.

We will issue your refund through our Uniform Benefits payment card which you can withdraw cash on at a cashpoint or spend in shops or online like a normal debit card. If you use your card at selected retailers you can also earn additional cashback to continue to spend.

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Security Industry Tax Rebate - Airport officer spots bullets in shoe, but Securitas staff off their guard when it comes to tax refunds


An officer was shocked to discover a shoe stuffed with live ammunition during a recent routine search at John Lennon Airport.

Liverpool Airport carries out between six and eight thousand searches a day, and the airport flies up to four million people a year. A representative of Securitas Transport Aviation Security explained that while knives are commonly found during searches, it is relatively rare to find something like a stash of live bullets.

The security guard in question, who has six years’ experience, was congratulated for his vigilance and professionalism. However, while Securitas has benefited from its officer’s prompt action, it appears that many of the company’s employees have been losing out when it comes to claiming tax back for washing their uniforms at home.

Workers across Britain are missing out with regard to savings they could make if they launder their uniforms on a regular basis, and this is particularly true for staff employed by Securitas. The time it takes to wash uniforms and items of protective clothing can add up to many hours of additional, unpaid labour, but if you work for Securitas and you wash your work wear at home, there’s some good news: you may be due a tax refund from HMRC.

HMRC’s definition of a “uniform” is any item of clothing that you could not reasonably be expected to wear out in the street, in your own time. That includes clothes with a workplace logo sewn in, high visibility jackets or special safety shoes. It is estimated that several millions of pounds in unclaimed tax relief may be owed to employees who wash their own workplace clothing and although thousands have already made successful claims, many more are unaware that they may be eligible.

The tax authority has set a standard amount to reflect the costs involved, and workers can claim a percentage of this sum back, plus some interest in respect of earlier years.


How to claim: You can use the handy online calculator below to enter your details and make a claim within five minutes.

If you are employed by Securitas you should consider making a claim. It’s estimated that two out of three workers who wear a uniform at work are entitled to a tax rebate, so don’t miss out on money that is rightfully yours.

Customer Testimonials

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  • John Telford's Story

    John Telford has been working as a security guard at The Jam House, a popular nightclub in Edinburgh, for over five years.

    Charged with ensuring the safety of the venue’s staff and patrons, John works the front door at one of the busiest clubs in the city’s centre. At home, John is also busy taking care of his young family. He found out about the uniform rebate online, and saw an opportunity to receive some extra money to spend on his small children.

    “Someone had shared a post about the uniform rebate on Facebook, and I took a few minutes to read about it and apply,” he explains. In total, John received around £400, which arrived in just a few weeks. He spent the rebate on his young children, and the money was particularly useful given that his family was set to expand. “I was due a baby at the time, so when I came into £400 through the rebate, it really was perfect timing!”

    Having worked in security for a number of years, John has amassed a wide network of contacts. He has recommended the rebate to colleagues and friends, all of who have applied for the rebate, and all of who have received money as a result. As for recommending it to others, John has no hesitations advising other workers to take a few minutes and apply for the rebate.

    “I’d say go for it – it’s easier than applying for a tax rebate. The whole process is just so easy; it’s not like a tax rebate where you need to fill out extensive forms, and provide lots of other pieces of supporting information. It’s just plain and simple, and it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in. The money comes in just a few weeks - it really is just a very easy process from start to finish.”

    You could claim too, easily. Just click on the box below to start your claim.

  • Lance Pettet's Story

    Four years ago Lance Pettet decided to quit his sales job of 19 years and his commute along the M6 corridor to become a security officer for The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and there hasn’t been a day he’s regretted his swap – even when he’s knee deep in floods from the River Severn.

    “One day last year we had a lot of flooding and I had to go home and change my uniform twice. We get a new uniform every year but we’re responsible for cleaning it,” says Lance.

    Thanks to Uniform Tax Rebate, Lance has received a rebate of nearly £100 and he’s now getting extra money every year for cleaning his essential clothing through an adjusted tax code.

    His job has seen him protect around 300,000 visitors from around the world every year including royals – with trust patron Prince Charles a regular guest – and even the Olympic torch when was carried across the iconic Iron Bridge (built in 1779) last summer. Recently, the National Lottery launched giant balls down the River Severn and under the bridge to help promote changes to the game.

    The Ironbridge Gorge is a World Heritage Site and, with ten different museums to look after and a site taking in five miles of the River Severn, there’s plenty for visitors and staff to do. As well as security and anti-terrorism training, Lance has had to do first aid and fire and safety courses. And he’s also handy with a camera when tourists need someone to take photographs of them.

    “I love the variety of the job,” says Lance, who was born and bred in nearby Madeley. “You never know what’s going to happen from day to day. It can be bedlam sometimes! As well as security officers we’re caretakers, we muck in, we wear many hats. The River Severn floods on a regular basis and that creates work for us.

    “We have several uniforms too. There’s summer clothing, winter clothing, formal wear for royal visits – and we host weddings and banquets too – and wet-weather gear.

    “The museum only closes two days a year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, but it’s not shut for us because we’re still on site.”

    Lance discovered he could claim uniform cleaning and upkeep against tax when one of his colleagues mentioned it.

    “I found the Uniform Tax Rebate site very easily. I thought ‘that looks alright’. I filled out the form – it didn’t need much clicking – and next thing I knew I got a letter with a cheque. It was quick, easy and fast, with great advice.

    “I have spoken to many people in the industry and they are all claiming for uniform cleaning now. It’s such a shame it has to be done by word of mouth. The government keeps it to themselves. This allowance is there for us and it should be more well-known. It’s very useful.”

  • Christopher Gordon's Story

    Christopher Gordon describes himself as a “person watcher”. But then again he has to be. The safety and security of people and property depends on his vigilance.

    Christopher is a Security Industry Authority-qualified and registered security officer at Morrison’s supermarket, and his job is to protect both staff and shoppers alike, as well as to work with fellow staff members to identify those who may visit the store with a view to carrying out something other than honest shopping. He also has to help ensure staff member security and safety during other times they are on the premises.

    “My uniform acts a very visual deterrent to help control the security of the shopping environment. I do a lot of work with the store detective, and I never cease to be amazed at some of the ingenious methods the very small minority of dishonest visitors to the store use to avoid paying for goods.

    “I enjoy the job, and realise that to give a professional impression, I have to look the part. Therefore my uniform is very important to me as it is my main work tool.

    “So naturally enough I was very pleased when I learned I could receive some tax relief on my uniform as my ‘tool of the trade’. It was very easy to claim, the form was very simple to complete and I was so pleased when I received not only a £127 rebate, but also an extra £132 a year into my pay packet as a result of an adjusted tax code.”

    Christopher says he intends to use the money to help with some bills and also towards some car repair work.

    He has also recommended the Uniform Tax Rebate service to other colleagues, and understands that they are in the process of claiming themselves.

    He added: “I was so pleased to hear about the service. It’s in effect a bonus for looking professional at work, and I would certainly recommend others to use it if they can. It is simplicity in itself to claim and if you have any difficulty, the people at Uniform Tax Rebate are always there to help.”

    You could claim too, easily. Just click on the box below to start your claim.

  • Alexander Gibson's Story

    Security guard Alexander Gibson has worked a number of events over the past fifteen years. 

    Alex has provided security in many of the UK’s best-known retail establishments, including Boots and Marks & Spencer, and has also worked a number of live sporting events such as horse racing and rugby. Day to day duties include making sure the public are safe, which often means having to guard entryways and exits. Especially when it comes to live outdoor events, working the door can mean having to stand in the cold and rain for hours – which can also mean having to wash the fluorescent uniform several times throughout the course of a week. 

    Alex became aware of Uniform Tax Rebate through when he was looking for information about tax credits online. After applying, he received a £270 rebate through the post. “It was a really easy process,” he says. “I just filled the form out, posted it to them, and within two or three weeks I’d received the rebate.”

    Alex filled in his form online, and was delighted when the money arrived so quickly. Working as a single parent, he found the money he received in his rebate to be particularly useful. Alex spent it on buying provisions, including clothes, for both him and his daughter. “As a single parent, that extra money really came in handy,” he says.

    Alex has since recommended the rebate to a number of colleagues in security, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again having had such success with his own experience. “I think applying for the Uniform Tax Rebate is a great idea, especially if you’re responsible for things like having to clean your own uniform,” he says. “It’s really just a good thing to have.”

    You could claim too, easily. Just click on the box below to start your claim.

  • Andrew Hustler's Story

    Over the past 8 years, ex-Grenadier Guardsman, Andrew has had more than his fair share of knocks and bruises as a full-time Retail Security Officer for a major supermarket in Cardiff; he once cracked his ribs tackling a shoplifter and was even attacked with a baseball bat whilst stopping a robbery at a cash machine!

    But there’s not always drama. He generally likes to avoid confrontation where possible saying “I’ve worked in hotels, pubs, catering and so on, and you get a good experience of customer service. Which counts for a lot because much of this job is how you talk to people, how you approach people.”

    After finding out about Uniform Tax Rebate through word of mouth, Andrew decided to try it for himself: “A friend recommended it to me – she heard about the website from a co-worker and passed the address on to me. A couple of weeks later, I got a very nice cheque from them!”

    As well as claiming for his uniform allowance, Andrew also claimed for other essentials, including his SIA licence, heavy duty work boots and stab vest.

    After using Uniform Tax Rebate, Andrew was delighted to receive a rebate of over £385. A keen model boat enthusiast, he used some of the rebate money to treat himself to a new Bismark battleship kit, which he put together in a few months.

    “It’s even helped with my taxes,” says Andrew, “they ended up changing my tax code and now I pay less tax overall – about £600 a year less.”

    His rebate also helped to pay off a few bills and even contribute to his eldest daughter’s holiday. 

    “Amanda’s in her second year studying Fine Art at the University of Glamorgan and she funded her own trip to Paris, France. It was a bit of an opportunity of a lifetime and I thought, well, while I’ve got the money, she can have it!” 

    Andrew was so impressed with Uniform Tax Rebate and how simple it was to claim, he recommended them to one of the security guards at The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff, as well as the rest of his colleagues. 

    “I was surprised actually – the online form was incredibly straightforward and easy to fill out, and they were really helpful.”

    Recently, Andrew said goodbye to moved to a security post in another supermarket where he says he’s looking forward to working less hours with more pay.

    Good luck in the new job Andrew!

  • David West's Story

    David West, 63 from Stockton-On-Tees knew that he might be entitled to a tax rebate from HMRC for his laundry allowance but couldn’t quite believe it when his cheque for over £360 came through the post.

    The security officer hates to have spare time on his hands and intends to work until he turns 67, so he’s hoping to get plenty of wear out of his work uniform yet. 

    “I’d read that I might be entitled to some money for the upkeep of my uniform but kept putting off applying because it seemed too good to be true,” explains David.

    “When I got round to checking the details on the website I realised I was entitled to the money and decided to claim there and then. It only took five minutes to fill in my details online and my cheque arrived through the post within weeks!”

    Mr West, who has worked for Securitas since 2001, has been suffering from poor health recently due to arthritis, which means he’s been forced to take time off, much to his own frustration.  He’s looking forward to putting his tax rebate money to good use when he’s feeling a little better. 

    Since receiving his own cheque he has recommended the Uniform Tax Rebate service to one of his neighbours who works as a carer and she and her work colleagues have begun investigating their own entitlement. He intends to spread the word among his work colleagues too once he is fit enough to return to work.

    When David returns to his job he will receive his laundry allowance automatically through his adjusted tax code, which he says will help him keep his uniform in good condition.

    “It’s really important to look the part in my job, which involves working on different sites. If you turned up without your uniform washed and pressed at some locations you could get sent home, so it’s nice to have a little extra in recognition of the work that goes into turning up looking smart.”

    We wish David a speedy recovery and many more happy years in his role.

  • John Ketley's Story

    Security Officer John Ketley, 46, was engaged to partner Rachel for three years before tying the knot with the help of some unexpected cash from Uniform Tax Rebate.

    John, who lives in Northumberland and works for ISS Facility Services in Sunderland, decided to find out if he was entitled to a refund on the advice of his sister-in-law.

    As a council worker required to wear a uniform, she had already successfully made a claim for a uniform tax rebate and had an inkling John might be due to some money too.

    After filling in his details at Uniform Tax Rebate online, John received a letter in the post explaining he was due £763 as an accumulation of his entitlement over the years he had been working at the firm.

    He was also able to claim for the cost of his Security Industry Authority Licence, which needs to be renewed every three years.

    When the cheque arrived just a few weeks later, John decided to put the money to good use and set a date for the wedding, which took place last summer.

    The event was held at the pretty Morpeth registry office nearby and though the weather was typically British, with a little wind and rain, everyone had a great day, especially when it came to the reception. The couple chose to use John’s rebate to pay for the catering, so the guests as well as the couple gained on the big day!

    One year on, John and Rachel are still feeling the benefit of John filling in the initial enquiry form, thanks to an extra £40 in his pay packet, which he says comes in handy for paying the bills.

    “It’s hard to believe something that only took a few minutes to fill in had such a big impact and is still helping me out. The money I received made a real difference to our wedding day and it was a totally hassle-free process too, I was very impressed.”

    We wish John and Rachel every happiness for their future together.

  • Mark Julyan's Story

    Security expert Mark Julyan was pleased to not only receive a £266.50 rebate from Uniform Tax Rebate, but to also find an extra £50 a year in pay through his correctly adjusted tax code.

    Mark, from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, works as a security officer for Securitas looking after the large Tata Steels site in nearby Stocksbridge.

    His job entails patrolling the site and the checking of vehicles, ensuring visitors are correctly signed-in and out as well as checking that all vehicles driven on site maintain a correct and safe speed.

    “The site is undergoing major development at the moment, so there is quite a bit of traffic. I’m also a rapid response First Aider, and have been defibrillator-trained, so it’s vitally important that I am easily seen and identified when needed.

    “So my uniform is a vital and most essential part of my work and not just there to make me look good. When I heard from a friend about Uniform Tax Rebate and that by answering a few simply questions on-line about my working dates and adding a few personal details, I would be able to claim for the main tool of my trade – my uniform - I was, naturally enough, very interested. 

    “I just didn’t know about this rebate, so can only thank Uniform Tax Rebate for getting me something that is rightfully mine.”

    Mark was more than pleased with the result, as well as the extra money he now receives as a consequence of his adjusted tax code. 

    “It was so easy to do, and the questions were very straightforward. And when all said and done, my uniform is the main tool of my trade”.

    Mark used the money he received towards paying some bills as well as to purchase some new waterproof clothing for his hobby as an instructor with the Army Cadets and his membership of a volunteer Veterans’ group where they find ex-forces veterans to see if they need any help.

    “I also told a colleague about this, and I believe he has now started the process as he too was unaware he could claim for his uniform.”